Game Dev


Made with: Monogame

Roles: Boss AI & Mechanics implementation, Audio Integration, Sound Design, Music

Frenetic Bullet-Hell Boss Rush, created with Toffee using the Monogame framework for Boss Rush Jam 2023.

Knight's Tail: Tactics

Made with: Unity

Roles: Concept, Programming, Shaders, Art, Animation, UI, Sound Design, Music

Knight's Tail is a prototype of a procedural tactical RPG in which players traverse across a world map through a series of tactical skirmishes in order to reach an objective tile. The primary purpose of this prototype is to test this TRPG traversal mechanic, while remaining scalable to fit a range of potential scopes. Developed in Unity.


Made with: Unity

Roles: Concept, Programming, Art, Animation, Procedural Audio & Music Implementation

Spooky-cute procedural city generator, solo-developed in Unity. Climb buildings. Glide around. Enjoy the ambience as the spirits of Gloam go about their day.


Made with: Love2D

Roles: Concept, Writing, Sound Design, Music.

Fast-paced platformer developed with Toffee for Magical Girl Jam 2020.


Made with: Hypercard

Roles: Writing, Art, Design & Implementation

A reflective hypercard point-and-click adventure, developed for Hyperjam 2020.

Catastrophe Clingers

Made with: Unity

Roles: SFX, Music, Modeling, Cat Paintings

2020 entry for Global Game Jam: A sandbox game about holding your crumbling world together with cats. Developed with Andrew Wang

Marshmallow Exodus

Made with: Unity

Roles: Sound Design

Lead your Marshmallow flock to safety, but watch out for hungry gummybears! Developed with a small team for Global Game Jam 2019.

Where We Are

Made with: Unity

Roles: Programming, Modeling, Particle Effects, Design, Audio Implementation.

A VR Audio Installation Piece. Created as a Masters Thesis Project at Berklee College of Music and displayed at the Museum of Science at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain.

We Must Play The Fox

Made with: PICO-8

Roles: Music & Sound Design

Collect eggs, avoid Chickens! an 8 bit procedural egg hunting game developed in a week with a small team for Lowrez Jam