Game Dev


Frenetic Bullet-Hell Boss Rush, created with Toffee using the Monogame framework for Boss Rush Jam 2023

Knight's Tail: Tactics

Procedurally generated Tactical RPG. Can you fight your way across the map to get the treasure?

Playable build available upon request.


Spooky-cute procedural city generator, developed in Unity. Climb buildings. Glide around. Enjoy the ambience as the spirits of Gloam go about their day.


Fast-paced platformer developed with Toffee for Magical Girl Jam 2020.


A reflective hypercard point-and-click adventure, developed for Hyperjam 2020.

Catastrophe Clingers

2020 entry for Global Game Jam: A sandbox game about holding your crumbling world together with cats. Developed with Andrew Wang

Marshmallow Exodus

Lead your Marshmallow flock to safety, but watch out for hungry gummybears! Developed with a small team for Global Game Jam 2019.


A procedurally endless walking simulator, developed as a case study in aesthetic applications of procedurally generated terrain in Unity

Where We Are

A VR Audio Installation Piece. Created as a Masters Thesis Project at Berklee College of Music and displayed at the Museum of Science at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain.

We Must Play The Fox

Collect eggs, avoid Chickens! an 8 bit procedural egg hunting game developed in a week with a small team for Lowrez Jam

Music Production

Wing Factory - Call Mountain

Procedural Album written and recorded for the 2018 Record Production Month Challenge using Max/MSP and probabilistic follow actions in Ableton Live

Ghost Logic (epilepsy warning)

48 minutes of algorithmically generated, non-linear music, with programmatically reactive visuals

Additional Music


You Can (Not) Remix

An album of Evangelion Soundtrack remixes

Sim City 2000 Remixed

A commissioned album of Sim City 2000 remixes


Space Spirits

Audio Dev

Eclipse Soundscapes

A Smartphone App to make the Eclipse accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.